• Nice Thing Now and Again

    I just finished a lovely book on mushrooms 'A Tangled Life' by Merlin Shandrake, and in it he discusses symbiosis, and how its original definitio...
  • Wet Bulb Time

    When talking to my mom and relatives it was revealed to me that they feel mentally about 30 years old. That's when things stopped shifting and the main things that changed for them were circumstantial or habits based, but nothing transformational could be recalled.
  • Quantified Yearning

    What's that you say, it's a little late for a 2021 recap post? Well, you know, feel free not to read it. Sure, we're still in and suffering from the vast damages from a global pandemic that has scarred our brains, but life goes on nevertheless, and for someone who suffers from, it anxiety-based procrastination, well, better late than never.16
  • Medication and Expectation

    A post about the fine line between pushing yourself towards glory and flicking yourself on the ear (self inflicted wedgies etc. so on). Where does work fit into it? And how does one just feel comfortable? You think I know?